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August 30, 2011


To the greatest couple we know-

As you know we’ve had a couple of projects we’ve been working on. Both projects (fixing the bike and truck) have taught us how it’s going to be on the road together. It’s an array of emotions. But I guess conflict makes life interesting! You’ll be happy to know that so far we haven’t managed to kill each other, so hopefully we will both make it alive after the tour is done.

Each day ends dirty, hot, sweaty, tired, pissed off, and stressed out. Your company always puts things back into perspective and a smile on our faces. I’m sure these are not the only days we’ll feel like this, and we will need your sweet comfort in the future.

On that note a sincere thanks to you—Bacardi Uncle and Tanqueray Aunty– for the comfort you have provided us and will continue to provide us. We thank you for saving our sanity, our marriage, and keeping us well-hydrated(?).

With love,

Kanchan & Nick Sarao

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