Ride Overland With Kanchan & Nick

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June 22, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen…start your engines please…

That’s right…we’re back on!!!  Nick had an appointment with his doctor and by the looks of the X-ray the wrist is healing the way it should!  The doctor hasn’t cleared him completely but umm Nick has cleared himself?  If anyone knows Nick, you know what I’m talking about.

We’re so ecstatic to hear about this, but now the real work begins.  As usual my laptop crashed so my nice little spreadsheets that I had put together with visa, carnet info etc has been lost.  After the crash the conversation went something along the lines of that one SATC episode where Carrie’s computer crashes (yes, I’m about to quote SATC).

Nick: “Did you back up your data?”…

Me: “Ummm I don’t do that.”

Back to square one…Rev your engines please…

Some of our dirtbikes were sitting in the garage, so we dicided to put them in my house since they were getting ignored. Sometimes its hard to keep track of all of Nick’s girlfriends(Bikes) before he married me 🙂

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