Ride Overland With Kanchan & Nick

  • Ethiopia: It’s time to get out of Africa!January 27, 2013 04:57:55

  • Kenya Part 2: Return to the land of Kalasinghas and what next?January 10, 2013 03:20:39

  • Uganda: A lush, green paradise!December 26, 2012 02:45:22


Since we’re traveling on motorcycle, we’ve decided not to have a strict itinerary. We really want to see the sights and be immersed in the culture and take our time ‘not be stressed out by deadlines. But here’s a rough plan of where we hope to hit’.

*Due to Nick’s wrist injury we’ve had to change the starting point a few times based on his surgery and recovery. Based on weather and the time of year it made sense for us to start in India, we feel that it’s turned out to be a blessing that we started in India as it is our homeland and it was great to kick start our world tour Punjabi style!

(October 2011) Start of our Journey from hometown Houston, Texas from where we are flying ourselves and the bike to India.

  • (October 2011) Started our journey from our hometown, Houston, Texas.Shipped the bike to New Delhi, India.
  • (October 2011) Kick-started our tour by taking part in the Raid de Himalaya rally.
  • (November- December 2011) Just chilled at home and met family and friends in India.
  • (January 2012) Rode through north India into Nepal and accomplished a long time goal of trekking to Everest Base Camp!
  • (End of January 2012) Entered back into India and toured Sikkim, Bengal and the Northeast.
  • (End of Febuary 2012) Shipped the bike into Bangkok from Kolkata and rode through Thailand.
  • (March 2012) Rode through Laos and Cambodia.
  • (April 2012) Met Kanchan’s parents in Bangkok and backpacked through Vietnam since they do not allow big motorcycles.
  • (End of April 2012) Met and rode with IndiMotard guys in Cambodia and rode through South Thailand.
  • (May 2012) Covered Malaysia and Singapore and met old friends and new.
  • (June-July 2012) Enjoyed riding through Indonesia and East Timor and shipped the motorcycle into Darwin, Australia.
  • (August-September 2012) Covered Australiafrom Darwin, through the Outback to the Northeast coast and headed south to Melbourne all along the beautiful coast of Australia.
  • (October 2012) Shipped the bike from Melbourne, Australiato Johannesburg, South Africa and toured the country as well as Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland.
  • (November 2012) Rodeinto Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi.
  • (December 2012) Enjoyed riding through East Africa:Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.
  • (January 2013) Conquerednorthern Kenya and the Moyale road into Ethiopia.
  • (February 2013) Shipped from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Mumbai, India and toured Goa.
  • (March 2013) Toured South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu,Karnataka) and met great friends.
  • (April 2013) Rode back up north through Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan to Punjab.
  • (May 2013) Took a breather back home in Sangrur, Punjab, spent time with both sets of parents, and took a quick trip to Leh.
  • (June 2013) Finally rode into Pakistan and toured the Punjab and Karakoram Highway and participated in the off-road Mughal Rally (Jammu & Kashmir).
  • (July 2013) Shipped to Istanbul, Turkey. Covered Turkey, Bulgaria, and Northern Greece.
  • (August 2013) Rode through Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Denmark.
  • (September 2013) Rode to Sweden, Norway, Finland, and back into mainland Europe through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
  • (October 2013) Toured through Northern Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and into England to visit family. After England will head to France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
  • (November 2013) Ship from Spain to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tour around Argentina to Tierra del Fuego, then Chile, Paraguay, and Brazil.
  • (December 2013) Cover Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.
  • (January 2014) Tour through Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela, and into Costa Rica.
  • (February 2014) Ride through Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and FINALLY ride into HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA!

Please share your thoughts and ideas for where we should travel, sights we should see, things we should do, traveling tips, bike tips, or words of encouragement, please drop us a message at Kanchan.nick@gmail.com