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April 24, 2012

Cambodia, Take 3!

If anyone asked me how many times I’d visit Cambodia it may have been uhhh once.  Never did I think I’d have to get a Cambodian visa 3 times!  The day after we got back from Vietnam we just could not get our asses out of bed.  We had felt like we had been through a lot so we decided to stay another day in PP and possibly see a couple of other sights about town (not much really) and do some laundry.  Well it started to rain so sight seeing was cancelled but luckily Prashanth and Anand were in town!  They had another tour set up so we decided to meet up.  In the evening we met them up at their hotel and met Harsh and Praful and yay…girls!  Prashanth’s wife and sister had also come so it was great to have female presence!  We had a good Khmer dinner at  beautiful restaurant and called it a night.

The next day we planned to go to the Aranya Prathet-Poipet border to get into Thailand and head south!  It was about damn time we move on!  Prashanth and Anand and the group were going to ride to Siem Reap and spend a couple of nights there.  There were 3 routes we could’ve taken but the Siem Reap route was the shortest so we decided to take that.  We left a little later then the rest of the group but caught up with them at lunch and then later outside of Siem Reap.  Seeing as it was 3:30pm and we hadn’t even made it to Siem Reap, we decided to make a night halt with the group…can you tell we didn’t want to leave our friends???  How can you blame us?  Being with your spouse 24/7 is cool…sometimes you need other company to stir it up a bit!  That night we started off really calm.  We met up at the Temple Club and took in the traditional dances, had a great dinner…and then the rest of the night…I don’t remember much!  We ended up having a few absinthe shots at a bar called Angkor What? The last time I encountered absinthe was….I’m not even sure.  Because it probably wiped out my memory the last time I had it.  After the shots, there was a continuous stream of Angkor beer being poured the whole night.  I remember after the Pub Street bars going to one of those clubs that looked like some Houston after hour place with laser lights and skimpy dressed girls (except instead of reggaeton it was techno)!  I think I danced a lot and didn’t want to leave because I wanted to dance.  I could’ve sworn I asked Nick to ask the DJ to play some Bollywood or Punjabi music.  I was swearing up and down that the Cambodian DJ had to have some Punjabi music.  Somehow we made it back home and the next day woke up and naturally felt like shit!

Somehow by God’s grace, Nick and I got up, got ready, ate, and checked out by 12:30pm.  We were able to cross into Thailand and get to about 50 kilometers short of Bangkok by 7pm.  There were a lot of shady hotels that seemed to specialize in private rendevouz (if you know what I mean).  We chose one that was reasonable and clean, actually ended up not being that bad.  After settling in we walked up and down the street to find some food.  We strolled into a place that was full of locals.  It was kinda tough to explain what we wanted but the lady understood our butchered Thai and she spoke some English.  Everybody’s food looked really good…when ours came we were faced with an old nemesis….LAAP! The last time we had laap in Laos we were left hungry and turned off.  Just not fans of the laap man…!  The rice is also super sticky, just not the same fluffiness we’re used to.  The texture is fun at first but it just becomes difficult to eat, real chewy! Oh well, let’s get some sleep…we have to wrestle the great beast that is Bangkok and somehow bypass it tomorrow!

Seems like we were too busy having a good time because we don’t have any pics on our camera. All I could find was a few pics on the Iphone.

Good times…!

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