Ride Overland With Kanchan & Nick

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March 9, 2012

Chiang Mai!

In Chiang Mai we headed straight towards Riders Corner where we ended up staying for the next couple of nights.  Thanks to Phillip and his family for making it a great experience!

Chiang Mai is definitely a nice chilled out place.  Nick and I spent a good day walking around and exploring the endless number of wats and temples around the city.  Each temple had it’s own uniqueness to offer.  In Pai we started to see a lot of people keeping pictures of Radha, Krishna, Ganesh, and Shiva in their homes and businesses.  The same held true in Chiang Mai, at the Silver Temple (sorry forgot the name, was suggested this place by a local Thai man!), there was a beautiful silver Ganesh sculpture outside the main temple.  It’s interesting to see the Buddhist-Hindu overlap!  Outside the silver temple we got to see how the artists make the embossed silver images…always nice to see the artist’s process! This had to be the most relaxing day we’ve had so far…strolling around the city…stopping for some good Thai iced coffee (condensed milk please!) and taking pics of anything that caught our eye.

Later on we ran into Heinz and David and had a couple of Changs with them while talking about random stuff…travels…politics, yikes!  We ended the day by having some damn good red curry stiry-fry at a food stall…35 bhat.  After that we went to the popular Sunday night market…finally bought me a white t-shirt!  I have too much black (my friends, you know me)!  I’ve been melting in the heat here! Ahhh life is good!

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