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March 23, 2011


The weather’s been really good lately, so we’ve been going on these long walks. I know I’m starting this entry talking about the weather…you would be too if you’re from Houston. We talk about the weather a lot! Mostly complaining about hot and sticky it is, so days like this it’s good stuff.

We’ve been going on these long walks getting ourselves lost amongst the small midtown neighborhoods and tall downtown buildings.   It’s like our own little treasure hunt, every time we find something new and different—a huge paper mache telephone, a burnt down church embedded in the history of Freedman’s Town, a single penny buried in the cement in the middle of the street, it’s really endless.   These walks awaken us, open our minds beyond the practical, beyond the routine, beyond our little bubble. And today our surroundings were tempting us—‘this is the world, do you want more?’

And our answer today was YES! We started on our usual walk, talked about our day and conversation shifted to our want to build a house.  We both wanted a house but something kept stopping us from really committing to the housing search. I think I came out and said it first… ‘What ever happened to the world tour?’ Nick laughed (maybe surprised? Like what got in to her, did she slip a crazy pill at work when no one was looking?). Traveling is something we’ve always thought about so what about now? The only thing that was stopping us was our own worries and fears. We both looked at each other knowingly, and the silence that ensued was telling.  From that point we decided, let’s do it, we have to commit to this plan and to each other, we can’t get wound up in the routine and lose sight of our dream!  I think we’re mentally at the point to take this challenge on.

So people probably think that we’re whack, or that we’re being foolish and irresponsible with our time and money and that this is the time to work hard and rack up all the money you can so you can get that flashy car, that big house in a trendy neighborhood, go shop at the Galleria, have some babies, you know—the good Desi kid thing to do. That’s all fine and good but…

God has blessed us with the time and resources right now and with His grace, we’ll get there, we’ll pursue those things, just not right now…now is about the world tour and there’s no backing out!

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