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February 14, 2012

Darjeeling—and possibly tea’d out?

The drive to Darjeeling was a foggy one!  We could see the road fine but the view was gone!   After 3 hours we reached Darjeeling.  Mr. Kang had recommended a place for us called Alice Villa.  After leaving the bike and our stuff at the old British hotel, we roamed around the streets of Darjeeling.  There’s a nice long walk that takes you around some beautiful old British houses and buildings.  There wasn’t much to do in Darjeeling since it was so foggy!  Also the next day ended up being Republic Day.  There was a small parade and program in the main square with kid’s traditional dances as well as the police bands and army bands.  Since nothing was open, we ended up stuffing our faces with chaat and dessert and then going to see Agneepath(which was good, kinda disturbing at times but well-acted!).

We decided that we’d better get out of Darjeeling because unfortunately the weather wasn’t going to get better and we don’t have so many days to spare!

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