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February 20, 2012

Now this is more like it!

Over this trip we have learned something.  With this bike, at least in India, it’s always better to stay in smaller cities or villages.  I don’t know what it is, if city folk have lost respect for others, their space, and other’s belongings or what but it’s a pain in the ass.  When we go to a village or smaller city, people are far more respectful and kind.  Curiosity and excitement about the bike is there, but it’s just so much more tolerable outside of the big city.  When we were getting in to from Guwahati from Gangtok, there wasn’t much dhaba wise, but on our way out, there was a lot.  I think because it was a big truck route.  The dhabas are made up of cute little bamboo shacks.  Inside the shack is a table and chairs.  Kinda seems like a set-up made for some alcohol drinking and possibly private rendevouz, but for us it was perfect.  Peaceful…quiet…ahhh!  Getting to Kaziranga National Park wasn’t too bad of a drive, the scenery was beautiful, passed tea gardens along the way and even saw a one-horned Indian rhino (which is what the park is famous for)!  The rhinos were facing extinction but the park is supposed to have helped the population of rhinos bounce back, one of the best comeback stories.  We found the cutest pink cottages to stay in.  I think we were the only ones there but the service was great and food good as well.  Each resort has gypsies to take you on a safari.  You have the choice of doing a safari riding an elephant, but we both kinda don’t like that so we opted for the gypsy.  The next day we started out early morning in hopes to see some rhinos, elephants… just something moving!  The gypsy ride broke our asses.  We were getting thrown around left and right even though we stood up the whole way.  Every bump produced a new string of curse words from our mouths.  It was worth it though!  We saw a couple of rhinos decently close, elephants with actual tusks, lots of deer, interesting birds and amazing fauna and flora!  Kaziranga is definitely worth it!


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