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September 26, 2011

Unemployed & Homeless

There have been so many developments since I last posted!  We had our last day of work last week, moved out of our beloved Midtown loft, booked the flight and shipping for the bike, booked our flight…it’s been busy!

After going to school, finding a job, and working your butt off —it feels so odd to not go to work.  The first couple of days were really weird, felt like there was something we had to do or somewhere we had to go!  I was still thinking about what I had lined
up for me and what crazy patients I had to face the next day…oh but wait…I don’t have to go in tomorrow!  Not gonna lie,
it’s hard to come to terms with not having any source of income.

Packing up and leaving our place was actually much harder.  We really loved that apartment, it was an expensive, industrial-looking loft with exposed ceilings, concrete pillars, no insulation (so it was really hot during the summer and really cold during the
winter)…It’s the kind of place I always wanted to live in, and Nick, being the sweetheart he is obliged me with my request after we got married.  So this apartment in Midtown was where we moved a month after we married—it’s where we made our home together, made our first major decisions together, had our first married couple tiffs with each other, learned to compromise and accept one another, and learned to love each other unconditionally.  I’m sure this trip will teach us even more about one another than we ever wanted to know, but our first place together will always be special.

So we put our furniture etc in storage and we’re at my house in the good ol’ SL (Sugar Land).  It’s been fun with family around, and Nick finally has a garage to work on his bike and he is enjoying home-cooked Punjabi food on a nightly basis…

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