Ride Overland With Kanchan & Nick

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May 30, 2011

Ugh, blah

This is a familiar feeling—like after you finish school for summer break, and you feel like you’re forgetting something like studying but you don’t need to study because school is over.  We were so deep into planning and research, it’s been a couple of weeks since Nick’s surgery and there’s this feeling like  ‘oh damn! […]

May 5, 2011

Never a dull moment…

Soo… Nick and my youngest cousin Gurjyot went on a little excursion to Sam Houston National Park while I was at work one Saturday, I came home to an ailing Nick.  He had put his hand down to break a fall, but 2 months later we find out he had not only broken his fall […]

April 9, 2011

Have bike Will travel

Today’s the day we get the bike!  For the past few years Nick has been talking about this BMW R1200 GS…it was even in miniature  size on his groom’s cake at the wedding.  I unfortunately have work but I really can’t wait to see the bike when I get home.  It makes it feel solid—we’re […]

March 23, 2011


The weather’s been really good lately, so we’ve been going on these long walks. I know I’m starting this entry talking about the weather…you would be too if you’re from Houston. We talk about the weather a lot! Mostly complaining about hot and sticky it is, so days like this it’s good stuff. We’ve been […]